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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the fish caught?

The salmon are caught outside the Golden Gate Bridge. The halibut are caught in the ocean as well and sometimes in the bay where they come in to spawn during the summer.

How much is the minimum order?

In order to sell fish legally, I have to sell the fish whole. In other words... 1 fish is the minimum order. Once the fish is purchased, I can fillet it for you.

Are the halibut safe to eat?

Yes! The ones that are caught in the bay are only here for a few months out of the year to spawn. These are the same fish sold to wholesalers which are then sold to restaurants and grocery stores for a much higher price.

What is the process to ensure freshness and quality?

Once the fish are caught, they are bled immediately. Once they are bled, they are placed in either an ice slush or tucked away in ice.

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